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This website contains relatively (September 2021) up-to-date information about our Research Group and our research activities.

Our Research Group is located in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) , a new facility at Imperial’s ever growing White City Campus although our affiliation is with the Department of Materials, based in the South Kensington Campus. Our activities are split across both sites, with our Research Laboratory being located in the MSRH and many of the characterisation facilities, at the core of our research, being based in South Kensington. 


Together with a number of other research groups we are a part of the Centre for Processable Electronics (CPE), a large, collaborative and multidisciplinary group of researchers focussed on developing new materials, processes and devices in the area of processable electronics. In this research space the  McLachlan group research interests are focussed on identifying, preparing and characterising electrically and/or optically active thin films, the incorporation of these materials into a variety of device platforms and characterisation of the interfaces created as these and other functional materials are combined into complete devices. 

You are welcome to contact Martyn directly with any enquiries you may have about our research, facilities, current or future vacancies.


Some recent work from our research group and collaboration, for a full list of publications see the menu bar at the top of the page.

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