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Our labs are located in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) located in the White City Campus.

The nearest near London Underground (tube) stations are:

  • White City station: 3 minute walk from south site, 7 minute walk from north site (Central line)

  • Wood Lane station: 6 minute walk (Circle line, Hammersmith and City line)

  • Shepherd’s Bush station: under 20 minute walk (Central line, Overground, National Rail connections)



We have a total of 9 gloves in two MBraun gloveboxes (1x4, 1x5 glove units).


One box is dedicated to our perovskite (Pb) research, the second box is Pb free and is generally used for processing organic thin films and devices.

Both contain basic thin film and device preparation equipment such as balances, hot plates, spin coater etc. and have vacuum sealing equipment inside to allow transfer of samples and N2 encapsulation for sample transit.

Solar simulator

We have  Newport 91160 solar simulator arched to a Keithly 2420 SourceMeter for PV device characterisation, this is available in the open lab out-with the cleanroom and any of our gloveboxes.

Surface profilometer

A Veeco DEKTAK 150 surface profilometer is also available on the open bench..

Lake Shore 8404 Hall Measurement System

Located in the "Spin Lab" facility in South Kensington the Lake Shore system is a superb resource for conducting both DC and AC field Hall measurements, field strengths of 1.6T (DC) and 1.2T (AC).

  • Variable temperature measurement and mobilities from 1 to 106 cm2/V s

  • Optional AC field extends mobility measurement range down to 10-3 cm2/V s

  • Maximum DC fields to 1.67 T (8404) and 2.25 T (8407)

  • Optional AC fields to 1.18 T (8404) and 1.31 T (8407)

  • High resistance range of 0.5 mΩ to 200 MΩ

  • Temperatures from 15 K to 1273 K

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