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Current Group Members

Originally from Paisley in the West of Scotland Martyn completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Paisley (now University of the West of Scotland) before undertaking a PhD at the University of Glasgow. In 2004 the move to London happened, starting at Imperial College as a postdoc before being awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship (2007-2012). Martyn was appointed as a  a Lecturer in 2013, and promoted to  full-professor in 2020.

Teaching is a passion and Martyn currently contributes to several undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as overseeing a large piece of undergraduate coursework in Year 2. In the past Martyn has taught  He taught core and elective module across all undergraduate years in addition to holding numerous roles that support teaching and learning including course director of the MSc in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and coding the role of director of undergraduate studies. Currently Martyn supports students across the Faculty of Engineering in the role of deputy faculty senior tutor and serves as the director for the jointly funded EPSRC-SFI centre for doctoral training in the advanced characterisation of materials (

Current research interests lie in the area of functional electronic materials, more specifically their deposition and processing in optoelectronic devices. At the heart of this lies a fundamental desire to derive an understanding of the interplay between composition, processing and performance in a range of device platforms and to better understand the role of the numerous interfaces that exist at a variety of length-scales in such devices.

Martyn McLachlan

Group Leader and Principle Investigator

Mr Baxter hails from South Wales and has been the official group mascot and unofficial group member since 2019. He became well known during lockdown and has unintentionally appeared on countless Teams/Zoom meetings and has even popped into the odd lecture and tutorial.

He spends his days reading about quantum mechanics, chewing bones and sleeping.


Official group mascot

Esra graduated from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Her bachelor’s degree focused on Nanotechnology and Microsystems. She works in the research and development department of the Saudi oil company, Saudi Aramco. She has been working in the sustainability research team of Saudi Aramco, and she worked on Perovskite single crystal, triple cation high bandgap perovskites, and perovskite solar cells. She joined the group in October 2021.

Esra Alhabshi

PhD Student


William Rodriguez Kazeem CDT headshot Photograph.jpg

Zhaoyi graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University (Xi’an, China) joint with Queen Mary University of London (London, UK) with a bachelor’s degree in Polymer Materials in 2021. And then he got his master degree in MSc Advanced Materials Science and Engineering programme in Imperial College London. He joined the group since his master prgramme and now his PhD project is working on preparing perovskite solar cells with environmentally sustainable solvents.

William Kazeem Rodriguez

PhD Student


Firas Alruwashid

PhD Student


Edoardo Angela

PhD Student


Zhaoyi Du

PhD Student


Sun or snow:Sun

Sweet or savoury: Sweet

TV or radio: TV

Tea or coffee:neither!

Ketchup or mustard:Both!

Bath or shower:Shower!

Sun or snow: Snow

Sweet or savoury: Savoury

TV or radio: TV

Tea or coffee: Milky tea

Ketchup or mustard: Both

Bath or shower: Neither, prefer the river

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